Men's Wrestling at New York Athletic Club


Wrestling has been one of the premiere sports at the NYAC for over 100 years. Wrestling was one of the founding sports of the New York Athletic Club back in 1868. The first national wrestling championships were held at the NYAC in 1878.

The NYAC wrestling team now consists of the three styles of Olympic wrestling; men's freestyle, women's freestyle and men's Greco Roman. In the Olympic Games, six weight classes are contested in each style; in non-Olympic years, eight weight classes are contested at major events.

Over the years, the NYAC has done extremely well in national and international competitions, sending over 50 wrestlers to the Olympics and bringing back eight medals, including four won by one of the most notable NYAC athletes, Bruce Baumgartner, who won two golds, one silver and one bronze medal. In 2013, the New York Athletic Club won the national team championships in men's and women's freestyle and placed a total of nine wrestlers on the US World Championships team, including bronze medalist and 2012 gold medalist, Adeline Gray.

  • Team Schedule
    • Practice Schedule
      Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 7pm
  • Roster
    • Women's Freestyle

      Erin Golston, 48kg
      Haley Augello, 53kg
      Mary Katherine Fulp-Allen, 53kg
      Sarah Hildebrandt, 55kg
      Alli Ragan, 58kg
      Rosemary Flores, 63kg
      Alexis Porter, 63kg
      Veronica Carlson, 69kg
      Julia Salata, 69kg
      Adeline Gray, 75kg
      Julia Salata, 67kg

      Alex Conti, coach
      Tadaaki Hatta, coach

      Men's Greco Roman

      Nikko Triggas, 59kg
      Dmitry Rabchinsky, 59kg
      Sammy Jones, 59kg

      Isaiah Varona
      , 59kg
      Jesse Thielke, 59kg
      Jessy Williams, 66kg
      Joey Denova, 66kg
      Alan Nicolus Alvarez, 66kg
      Alej Sancho, 66kg
      Nick Tarpley, 71kg
      Bo Beckman, 71kg

      Kendrick Sanders, 71kg
      Ben Provisor, 75kg
      Barrett Stanghill, 75kg
      Brock Gutchess, 80kg
      Chaney Haight, 80kg
      Orry Elor, 98kg
      Khymba Johnson, 98kg
      Marcus Finau, 98kg
      Robby Smith, 130kg
      Toby Erickson, 130kg
      Orry Elor, 97kg

      Shawn Sheldon, coach
      Nicolae Catana, coach
      Paul Kieblesz, coach

      Men's Freestyle

      Brandon Precin, 57kg
      Erkin Tadzhimetov, 57kg
      Dan Micheff, 57kg
      Angel Escobedo, 57kg
      Tyler Graff, 57kg
      Kendrick Maple, 61kg
      Reece Humphrey, 61kg
      Jimmy Kennedy, 65kg
      Kellen Russell, 65kg
      Brent Metcalf, 65kg
      Kyle Ruschell, 70kg
      Nestor Taffur, 70kg
      Dan Vallimont, 70kg
      Andrew Howe, 74kg
      Colton Sponseller, 74kg

      Bekzod Abdurakhmonov, 74kg
      Jake Herbert, 86kg
      Richard Perry, 86kg
      Pat Downey, 86kg
      Enock Francois, 97kg
      JD Bergman, 97kg
      Kyle Massey, 125kg
      Nick Gwiazdowski, 125kg
      Justin Grant, 125kg

      Andy Hrovat, coach
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    • October 2014

      Monday, October 27th - Adeline Gray is going for gold in the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Click here to read her interview with the bleacher report about her training, winning the World Wrestling Championship and her Olympic goals.

      Jake Herbert places fifth at the Intercontinental Cup in Russia, his first competition since the London Olympic Games. Click here to read more.