The New York Athletic Club's basketball teams are made up of former professional and high level college players. There are two teams: NYAC Elite (NYAC's elite players) and NYAC A (member team). Both teams compete in the National Club championships in their respective divisions. The NYAC Elite Team has traveled as far as China to compete in the 'Friendship Games' and has won nine out of the last 14 National Club Championships (NACAD Tournament).

For more information about the NYAC Basketball team, please contact Matt Rader at [email protected]. You can also follow the teams on Instagram: @nyacbasketball

Basketball ii

Basketball ii


Tim Burns

Tim Burns graduated from George Mason University in 2007. He was a member of the 2006 Final Four team coached by Jim Larranaga, current head coach at the University of Miami.

Upon graduating from George Mason, Tim moved to NYC to pursue a career in player development.

Since 2011, Tim has worked extensively with the District Attorney's office on the "Saturday Night Lights" program. Aimed at keeping youth in neighborhoods of high crime off the street, the program offers free basketball training and mentoring year-round.

Since 2013, Tim has worked with Excel Sports Agency to facilitate Pre-Draft training, which has featured multiple lottery and first and second round draft picks.

Tim has been involved with the basketball program at the NYAC since 2014, winning the National Championship as an assistant coach and also as a player.

Milton Lee

Milton Lee is the NYAC members' A Team Coach as well as an NYAC Governor. He has been involved in NYAC basketball since 1995 and is a former player, head coach and chairman of NYAC Elite team. Milton led NYAC to seven NACAD national championships in a nine-year span and has been instrumental in recruiting players and members to the Club.

Team Schedule

Basketball City League

  • Summer 2019
  • Wednesday nights

NACAD Tournament

  • April 2020
  • Los Angeles, CA


  • Monday and Thursday: 8pm - 10pm
  • Roster


    • Nate Brown
    • Pawel Buczak
    • Zahir Carrington
    • Ben Hazel
    • Greg Kelley
    • Gabe Knutson
    • Nate Lubick
    • Kareem Maddox
    • Craig Moore
    • Marcus Stout
    • Jason Westrol
    • Jesse Winter

    A TEAM

    • Morgan Griff
    • Liam Griff
    • Jeb Helmers
    • Mike Kentz
    • Rob Lagno
    • Ryan Mehra
    • Matt Minoff
    • Corey Stockmal
    • Paul Vitelli
    • JP Wilkinson

    Program Highlights

    • North American Association of Club Athletic Directors Tournament - Champions nine out of the last 14 years
    • Undefeated Champions of the Humphrey Thompson Cup
    • Run member youth clinics throughout the year and Saturday Morning Program