New York Athletic Club Swimming has a long and rich history of success on both the metropolitan and international stages.

One of the first teams formed in the Club, organized in 1868, the swim team boasts Olympic champions, world champions, NCAA champions and World and American record holders. Our first Olympian was Otto Wahle who won the gold medal in Paris in 1900 in the 1,000 freestyle. At the 2012 London Olympic Games, Tyler McGill won a gold medal in the 400 medley relay. In 2016, Katie Meili won gold as part of Team USA's 4x100m medley relay and an individual bronze medal in the 100m breaststroke. David Plummer also collected two medals in Rio: gold as part of Team USA's 4x100m medley relay and an individual bronze in the 100m backstroke.

The NYAC Swim team is dedicated to the development of our athletes and their continued success on the national and world stage.

For more information about the swimming program, please contact Tom Gleason at gleasont@google.com.

Team Schedule

Subject to change.

Arena Pro Swim Series at Mesa

Mesa, AZ
April 14th - 16th

Masters Spring National Championships

Greensboro, NC
April 28th - May 1st

Arena Pro Swim Series at Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
May 12th - 15th

Arena Pro Swim Series at Santa Clara

Santa Clara, CA
June 2nd - 5th

Arena Pro Swim Series at Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN
June 3rd - 5th

Masters Summer National Championships

Gresham, OR
August 17th - 21st



  • Michael Alexandrov, Breaststroke *
  • Manuel Belzer, Freestyle
  • Cliff Blaze, Freestyle
  • Conor Carlucci, Breaststroke
  • Josh Charnin-Aker, Backstroke/IM
  • Roger Dent, Butterfly
  • Dan Diette, Butterfly (Capt.)
  • Zack Doherty, Freestyle
  • Chester Dols, IM
  • Bruno Esquen, Butterfly
  • James Feigen, Freestyle *
  • Jim Flannery, Backstroke
  • Kevin Frankenfeld, Freestyle
  • Brett Fraser, Freestyle
  • Shaune Fraser, Freestyle
  • Robert Frawley, Freestyle (Coach)
  • Eric Friedland, Breaststroke
  • Taylor Grey, Breaststroke/IM
  • Josh Hall, Breaststroke *
  • Cameron Hood, Freestyle
  • Ryan Hurley, Breaststroke
  • Scott Jordan, Breaststroke
  • Brian Kelly, Freestyle
  • Hyun Lee, Freestyle/Butterfly
  • Dani Malnik, Breaststroke
  • CJ Nuess, Breaststroke
  • Greg Palumbo, Backstroke/Freestyle
  • David Plummer, Backstroke *
  • Sean Robinson, Backstroke
  • Josh Schneider, Freestyle *
  • Burke Sims, Freestyle
  • Roman Sludnov, Breaststroke
  • Alex Smit, Butterfly/Backstroke
  • Harry Stephenson, Freestyle/IM
  • Hongzhe Sun, Backstroke/Freestyle
  • Matt Targett, Freestyle *
  • Matt Thompson, Backstroke
  • Juan Valdivieso, Butterfly
  • Mike Vernoia, Freestyle
  • Arkady Vyatchanin, Backstroke *
  • Tim White, Freestyle
  • Christian Witzke, Freestyle


  • Dorothy Baker, Backstroke
  • Courtney Collyer, Butterfly/Freestyle
  • Rachel Flinn, Backstroke
  • Kristin Gary, Backstroke
  • Lindsay Hart, Backstroke
  • Salena Huang, Freestyle/Backstroke
  • Meg Hutchinson, Backstroke (Capt.)
  • Marilee Kiernan, Breaststroke
  • Athena Liao, Breaststroke
  • Mary Moser, Freestyle/Butterfly
  • Bridget O'Connor, Freestyle
  • Fiona O'Donnell McCarthy, Freestyle/Backstroke
  • Sam Palser, Freestyle/Backstroke
  • Kristina Parsons, Butterfly/Breaststroke
  • Kristen Pratt, Butterfly
  • Megan Romano, Freestyle/Backstroke *
  • Brienne Ryan, Backstroke/Freestyle
  • Claire Singley, Freestyle/IM
  • Whitney Sprague, Freestyle
  • Kim Vandenberg, Butterfly/Freestyle *
  • Leila Vaziri, Backstroke/Freestyle
  • Joan Weaver, Freestyle

* Designates member of elite team