Rowing has been a part of the New York Athletic Club tradition for over 125 years.

With generations of members competing at the Olympics, World Championships and national championships, NYAC rowers are respected and feared as competitors across the United States and around the world.

The current competitive program supports national team athletes training at the various national training centers and locally based athletes training at the Club's fully equipped boathouse at Travers Island.

To apply to the summer racing program, click here.

Athlete Blogs

Meghan O'Leary

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Megan Kalmoe

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Ellen Tomek
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  • Team Schedule
    • 2016 - 2017 Schedule
      Subject to change

      The 52nd Head of the Charles Regatta
      Boston, Massachusetts
      October 22nd - 23rd

      Independence Day Regatta
      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      June 30th - July 2nd

      USRowing Club Nationals
      Harsha Lake, Bethel, Ohio
      July 12th - 16th

      Canadian Henley Regatta
      Saint Catherines, Ontario
      August 6th - 13th

      World Rowing Championships
      Sarasota, Florida
      September 23rd - October 1st

      To track national and international events, results and news go to and

  • Roster
    • Women's Team

      Megan Carmody
      Olivia Coffey
      Sara Hendershot
      Megan Kalmoe
      Caroline Lind
      Eleanor Logan
      Grace Luczak
      Meghan O'Leary
      Ellen Tomek
      Meghan Musnicki
      Kristine O'Brien
      Amanda Polk
      Samantha Polak
      Michelle Sosa
      Kerry Simmonds
      Chierika Ukogu

      Colleen Harrison
      Jill Carlson
      Coral Kasden
      Savannah Ryder
      Katelin Snyder

      Men's Team

      Shawn Ahmad
      Andrew Carr
      Charlie Cole
      Daniel Curtis
      Anthony Fahden
      Kakha Kandelaki
      Ryan Kirlin
      David Banks
      Michael Clougher
      Connor Corwen
      Erik Limpitlaw
      Daniel Madden
      Salvatore Marsico
      Tobin McGee
      Robert Munn

      yan Ujazdowski
      Veton Celaj
      Christian Kelling
      Edward King
      Robin Prendes
      Robert Wallace
      David Walton
      Seth Weil
      August Wherry
      Jonathan Zagroba

      John Carlson

      Leigh Heyman

      Marcus McElhenney

      Peter Choi

      John Amarosano


      Rob Milam
      Rob started rowing for the NYAC in 1998. He represented the Club and the United States in international competition at the 2003 and 2011 Pan American Games in the lightweight men’s 4 without coxswain. He was part of six champion crews at the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta, held annually in Boston, and won or medaled in multiple events at USRowing Club and Elite Nationals, Canadian Henley and other domestic regattas over the span of his career. Rob runs recreationally for the Club and has completed eight marathons, including seven in New York City. Rob was appointed chairman of the rowing committee in early 2013. He is also currently serving as Chair of the USRowing High Performance Committee.  For more information regarding the NYAC rowing program, please contact Rob at


      Head Men’s Coach
      Nick Dawe
      (513) 706-3154 or
      Head Women's Coach
      Thomas Dougherty
      (610) 745-9240 or
      Greg McClure
      Angelo Rubbo
      Marysa Semprebon
      Nathan Clark

  • Program Highlights
    • Rowing has been a part of the New York Athletic Club for over 125 years. Through the generations, the Club has had an incredible history of rowers representing the Club and their country at the Olympic Games, in World Championships and in national championships. In 2004 in Athens, five members of the US Olympic gold medal winning men’s eight were members of the NYAC. In London in 2012, four women in the gold medal winning women's eight were also affiliated with the NYAC. In 2016, the New York AC was represented by 15 athletes at the Rio Olympics, with 5 women winning gold medals as part of the women's eight.

      Athletes invited to train at the NYAC enjoy a fully equipped boathouse, a nationally recognized coaching staff, and the opportunity to train with a highly competitive group of dedicated athletes.

      The NYAC Rowing program selects pre-elite athletes for invitations to the rowing team on the basis of collegiate racing experience and potential for success in senior and elite competition during the summer. Qualified athletes can also pursue full-time post-collegiate training with the NYAC’s year-round training group, which also competes at the major fall head races and at national selection regattas in the spring.

      All athletes rowing at the NYAC must be invited to participate as part of the pre-elite, full-time training program. Masters rowing is only available to NYAC members as part of the Intra Clubs' program.
  • Photos / Videos
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  • Practice
    • The rowing program trains out of a dedicated and fully equipped private boathouse located on the NYAC’s Travers Island facility. With a full fleet of racing boats, erg room, and weight room, aspiring athletes have all of the tools they need to be successful at the highest levels. Coaches set workouts and training programs and provide launch support and coaching for on the water sessions year-round.
  • Latest News
      Head of the Charles Regatta
      Cambridge, MA
      October 22nd-23rd

      Championship Eight
      2. Grace Luczak
      Championship Single
      3. Eleanor Logan
      12. Olivia Coffey
      Championship Four
      17. Samantha Polak, Michelle Sosa, Chierika Ukogu, Megan Carmondy, Savanna Ryder

      Lightweight Four - GOLD
      1. Ryan Kirlin, Nick Dawe, August Wherry, Daniel Madden, Coral Kasden
      Club Four (Club division) - GOLD
      1. Daniel Curtis, Robert Wallace, Andrew Carr, Peter Choi
      Championship Double (Lightweight division)
      3. Ryan Ujazdowski, Bryan Ptucha
      Club Single
      David Walton

  • Summer Racing
    • 2017 New York Athletic Club Summer Racing Program

      Attendance to the NYAC summer program is on an invitation only basis.  Rowers meeting the prerequisites are encouraged to apply by click here.
      The formal program will start with a team meeting on or around Thursday, June 8th, and run through USRowing Club Nationals July 12th- 16th.  Successful athletes will be invited to continue racing by attending the Royal Canadian Henley, continuing their program through August 13th.  If accepted into the program, athletes can begin training informally with the team as soon as their collegiate seasons end at no additional cost.
      - Minimum one year collegiate racing experience for rowers, minimum two years collegiate racing experience for coxswains
      - Men's 2k erg score standard: Heavyweight 6:20; Lightweight 6:38
      - Women's 2k erg score standard: Open 7:24; Lightweight 7:44

      The NYAC boat house is located at the Club’s Travers Island facility off of Shore Road in Pelham, New York.


      June 30th to July 2nd

        Independence Day Regatta, Philadelphia, PA

      July 12th to July 16th

        USRowing Club Nationals, Bethel, OH

      August 6th to August 13th

        Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, St. Catharines, ON

      *Attendance at any/all trials events including the U23 and Senior World Championships will be made by the coaching staff based on athlete performance and demonstrated potential for success.  Similarly, not all athletes will be invited to attend Canadian Henley.


      The 2017 summer racing fee will be $400 per athlete, to be paid in full before the first regatta. Limited grants and financial aid are available upon application. 
      - Housing in the NYC area and meals for the duration of the season
      - Program fee to cover the cost of coaching, gas, entry fees, rooms at select races and equipment transportation expenses
      - All travel to and from regattas and practices
      - Overnight accommodations in Philadelphia for Independence Day Regatta (if necessary)
      - USRowing membership (required for competition at Independence Day Regatta and Nationals)

      - Hotel accommodations at Club Nationals and Canadian Henley
      - All entry fees
      - Transportation of equipment to all regattas
      - Racing jersey
      - Annual Athletes' Red and White Reception