The New York Athletic Club's history of athletic accomplishment is woven into the everyday life of the Club's members. Throughout each year, the NYAC celebrates those athletes and coaches who have risen to the top of their sport.

The Winged Foot Award

Awarded every year to the coaches who lead their teams to victory in the grueling NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments. In honor of the champion coaches, the New York Athletic Club hosts a gala event at the City House, a veritable who's who of stars from the world of collegiate basketball. The NYAC's Hall of Fame, on the second floor of the City House, houses a special Winged Foot Award annex, where portraits of past winners hang alongside the stunning eponymous award.

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The William V. Campbell Award

Honoring the leading student-athlete in college football, the Campbell Award is presented awarded each December at a spectacular ceremony held at New York's Waldorf-Astoria. The Campbell Trophy and portraits of the winners are displayed in the NYAC's Hall of Fame, illustrative of the unwavering adherence of the Club to its founding mandate of supporting excellence in amateur sport.

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