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Article Submission Guidelines

Submitting Articles and Photos

  • Articles for publication in The Winged Foot should be e-mailed in text-only format to:
  • All submissions should first be forwarded to the appropriate Intra Club president or athletic group chairman for their review and approval prior to being sent to The Winged Foot. Articles should not exceed 300 words in length.
  • Photographs should be e-mailed to the same address as above. Those for publication in The Winged Foot must be high resolution and in jpg or tiff format. It is essential that you obtain the permission of the photographer before submitting images for publication.
  • Please note: all submissions for publication in The Winged Foot and on the web site will be edited for space and clarity.

NYAC House Style

In the interests of uniformity and appropriate usage throughout Club communications, please note the following NYAC house style, which should be used for all notices, articles and submissions to the web site and The Winged Foot.

NYAC Names

  • We do not use New York AC. It is NYAC (no periods) or New York Athletic Club.
  • It is Travers Island, NOT Traver's Island.
  • Our publication is The Winged Foot, also known as The Winged Foot magazine (note, capital T and lower case "m").
  • City House is correct. Cityhouse and cityhouse are not.
  • The main building at Travers Island is called the Club House.
  • Intra Club is the correct usage (note capitals), NOT intraclub or intra-club or even Intra-Club.
  • Billiards Room is correct. Billiard Room is incorrect.
  • Aquatics Center is correct. Aquatic Center is incorrect.
  • World team is incorrect. World Championships team is correct.

Numbers and Dates

  • Numbers: In text, numbers one (1) to nine (9) are written as words. Ten (10) and above are written as numerals: 10, 11, 12, 13, etc.
  • Telephone numbers should be written thus: (212) 767-7000 x7061 (no space between the "x" and the extension number), not 212.767.7061 ext7061. Note: the area code should always be included.
  • Times are written thus: 2pm. NOT 2:00pm or 1400 hours or 2PM. Also: 2pm-3pm is correct. 2-3pm is incorrect.
  • Dates are written thus: Thursday, January 1st, 2016. NOT Thur, Jan 1, 16 or Thur 1/1/16 or any other variant.

Text Style

Articles submitted to the The Winged Foot magazine should NOT include any formatting. This means: no words all in CAPITAL LETTERS. No words in bold. No underlinings. No italics. No tabs or indents. No charts. No graphs. No tables. No double paragraph returns. No multiple dots. Should you wish to submit a print-out or image of how you would like a table or chart to appear, feel free to do so. Formatting is acceptable for submissions to the web site. All submissions must be approved by your Intra Club president before being forwarded for publication.

  • We do not use exclamation marks.
  • We do not use series of dots "......."
  • Contact James at (212) 767-7061 is correct. Contact James @767-7061 is incorrect.
  • We do not use ampersands "January & February" is incorrect. January and February is correct.
  • When speaking of sports or medals, there are no capital letters. For example, "The NYAC Wrestling Team won the Gold Medal at the World Championships" is incorrect. This should be: "The NYAC wrestling team won the gold medal at the world championships." (Note: world championships is lower case because, in this example, it is not a proper name.)
  • Similarly, "The NYAC fencing team", "the NYAC swimming team", "the NYAC track team" are correct.
  • National Champion, World Champion, Olympic Champion are all INCORRECT. These should be: national champion, world champion, Olympic champion.
  • We use the Post Office standard when writing the names of states. For example, NY, MA, CT, NJ as opposed to Mass., Conn., etc.
  • Water polo is two words.
  • We use e-mail not email
  • We use "web site" and "user name" as opposed to "website" and"username."

You may obtain a copy of the complete "NYAC Communications Standards and Practices" guide by e-mailing James O'Brien at


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