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Randall Bal                       Backstroke  
Cliff Blaze
Joe Braunreuther Freestyle  
Conor Carlucci Breaststroke  
Reece Chandler Backstroke   
Josh Charnin-Aker Butterfly/IM  
Dan Diette  Butterfly/Freestyle  
Chester Dols  Freestyle  
Alan Fishman  Backstroke/Butterfly   
Rob Frawley Freestyle  
Mark Gangloff Breaststroke   US National Team 
David Guersney  Freestyle   
Colin Hanna  Freestyle   
Jonathan Hartmass IM  
Ryan Hurley Breaststroke   
Scott Jordan  Breastroke  
Brian Kelly Backstroke/Freestyle  
Andy Krna Freestyle  
James Lawler Freestyle  
Doug Lennox Butterfly/Freestyle
Tyler McGill Butterfly/Freestyle  US National Team
Elliot Meena Freestyle  
CJ Nuess Freestyle  
Greg Palumbo IM/Freestyle  
Sean Robinson Backstroke/IM  
Dan Shevchik Backstroke/IM
Hongzhe Sun Backstroke/Freestyle   
Paul Weir Breaststroke   
Scott Werner Breaststroke/IM   
John Williamson Breaststroke  
Kyle Yaeger Backstroke   


Alicia Aemisegger Breaststroke/IM   
Courtney Collyer IM/Breaststroke/Butterfly  
Sage Erskine Backstroke  
Kristin Gary Backstroke/Freestyle   
Lindsay Hart Backstroke  
Amy Jones Freestyle   
Marilee Kiernan Breaststroke   
Keenan Koss Freestyle  
Jessica Lewis Freestyle   
Alexandra Malanina            Breaststroke   
Claudia Milani Freestyle   
Meghan Roesch Freestyle   
Marina Shport Freestyle   
Kim Vandenberg Butterfly/Freestyle  US National Team 
Leila Vaziri Backstroke   
Voted the #1 Athletic Club in the United States and the #1 Private Club in New York State
Distinguished Emerald Club of the World, 2013
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New York Athletic Club
City House: 180 Central Park South, New York, NY 10019 | Tel: (212) 247-5100
Travers Island: Shore Road, Pelham Manor, NY 10803 | Tel: (914) 738-2700

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