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Kevin Earls
Kevin Earls has over 40 years of participation in the sport of judo, with dedication to the Club as both a former NYAC competitor and  chairman. His leadership at the Club has taken forms as a former member of the Board of Governors serving as Athletic Chairman and Captain to assist in the further development not only of the sport, but of all sports at the NYAC. He holds a 5th degree black belt in judo.

Owen Tunney
With 20 plus years of judo participation, Owen Tunney has experience and knowledge to assist in his leadership as Chairman/Co-Chairman since 2001. He is a 2nd degree black belt in judo and is the current Judo Intra Club President.

Andrew Blumenthal
Andrew has 40 plus years of participation in judo.


Yoichiro Matsumura
Venerated head instructor at the NYAC for five decades. He is an 8th degree black belt.

Jimmy Pedro
Four time Olympian and two time Olympic medalist. Former World Champion. Head coach of the 2012 Olympic Team. Member of the NYAC Hall of Fame. Sixth degree black belt.

Jason Morris
Four time Olympian, Olympic silver medalist. Head coach of the 2008 Olympic team. Member of the NYAC Hall of Fame. 7th degree black belt.

Teimoc Johnston Ono
NYAC first judo Olympian. Former head coach at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. 7th degree black belt in judo and black belts in several other martial arts.

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