2007 World Championship & 2006 World Indoor Championship Gold Medalist
“Without the money from the Athlete’s Fund I would have not been on the Olympic team back in 2004. I was about $200 dollars away from hanging up my throwing shoes and having to get a teaching job. When you live from paycheck to paycheck and you get sick and do not have health care, that extra expense will send you over the edge. Lucky for me, the money that came from the NYAC allowed me to make my payments and make my first Olympic team. The support has been a life saver and I have to thank all the people that donate the money year after year, it does make a big difference in the lives of the athletes that have Olympic dreams. I have been lucky enough to make two teams: 2004 & 2008 and hopefully, 2012.”

Reese Hoffa


Women’s Freestyle, 5th in World & National Wrestling Champion
“The ambitious tradition of the NYAC Athlete’s Fund is a great parallel to my ambitions of reaching Olympic Gold. They have supported me so I can focus on the task at hand, unlocking my true potetinal as an athlete.”

Adeline Gray

Greco Roman World Bronze Medalist & National Wrestling Champion
“The NYAC Athlete’s Fund has helped me to pursue my Olympic dream in so many ways. The Fund has helped me to travel and train internationally to help me gain the necessary experience to win an Olympic medal. The Fund has been instrumental in my development as a world class athlete and I will always hold what the Winged Foot represents near and dear to my heart.”



World Silver Medalist & National Wrestling Champion
“The NYAC Athlete’s Fund has been the key component to supporting me and allowing me to focus full time on preparing to win a World and Olympic title. When you compete at the level of a world class athlete, you need to be 100% focused and the Fund supports me 110%”.


Jake Herbert

Trident Swim Foundation

"[…] we would like to thank the NYAC Athlete's Fund for their contribution and continuing support. The Trident Swim Foundation Swimmer Scholars are thriving thanks to the generosity and commitment of organizations like you. Your contribution helped sponsor the George Washington Educational Campus’ swim team, including coaching and gear, as well as afterschool tutoring, including SAT prep for this year’s SAT test. […]. The outreach continues!" - Kristin Gary, Executive Director


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