Travers Island Dress Code
The Main House at Travers Island is a formal building in the grand tradition of Westchester private clubs. Members and guests are expected to dress, at all times, in a refined and appropriate manner using "Professional/Corporate or Evening Wear" as the standard. 
Attire and personal appearance shall be in good taste and 
mindful of the Club's traditional atmosphere. 

Due to the several different dining venues at Travers Island, the following 
describes appropriate attire:

Club House Formal Dining:
Gentlemen - Sport jacket with slacks and collared shirt.
Ladies - Business suits or tailored pant ensembles, skirts and dresses. Open midriff and extremely short hemlines are not permitted.

Club House Casual Dining:
Gentlemen - Slacks and a collared shirt. Turtle neck and mock Turtle neck are permitted ..
Ladies - Slacks and skirts with a blouse, or dress are permitted. Jeans, five pocket jeans, shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, sneakers, shower sandals, and sport hats are never allowed.

Grill Room/Patio:
Men - Shorts and a shirt are required, a boxer type bathing suit is permitted.
Women - Shorts and a top are required, a bathing suit with a cover is permitted.
Footwear is required at all times. See-thru or mesh tops are not permitted.

Club House Cocktail Lounge:
During the in-Season (Memorial Day - Labor day), the Dress Code is the same as for Casual Dining. During the off-season, jeans, t-shirts, sweat-suits and sneakers are permitted until 5:30pm, after which the Casual Dinning Code applies.

Club staff and security attendants have been instructed by the Board of Governors to refuse admittance to anyone not dressed according to the these rules. The staff is authorized to report violations. Violators may be subject to disciplinary action.
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