Table Tennis

The NYAC's elite table tennis players include some of the country’s most distinguished and successful players, as well as some of the most promising (and already producing) young teenagers.

Among the women, Gao Jun had already won an Olympic silver medal (1992), a World Championships gold medal (1991), and attained a world #3 ranking before she moved to the United States in 1994.  She has since represented the United States with distinction in three Olympic Games (including 2008) and has won the US title in virtually every event she has played (nine women’s singles titles and many women’s doubles and mixed doubles titles). Additionally, she won a gold medal in women’s singles in two Pan American Games.

Ariel Hsing won the women’s US title in December 2010, beating her NYAC teammate, Lily Zhang, in the final. Returning the favor, Lily beat Ariel in the final of the girls’ junior event and won the girls’ juniors national title.

In 2011, Ariel again beat Lily in the women's singles final, with another NYAC star, Erica Wu, placing third. In the 2011 doubles tournament, Gao Jun prevailed with Erica as her team-mate. Ariel and Lily played on teams that placed first and second in the mixed doubles.

Among the men, Gao Yon Jun, Shao Yu and David Zhuang are the core of the NYAC's male elite program. David, in particular, is a veteran of the international scene, having represented the United States in four Olympic Games (including 2008) and having won the gold medal in men’s singles in the Pan American Games. He has also won the US title in men’s singles a record six times, including 2008, and many national doubles and mixed doubles titles.

All of these amazing athletes have the potential to represent the United States in the 2012 and/or 2016 Olympics.

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