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NYAC Judo History

Judo began at the NYAC in 1958 and grew from a handful of local competitors to the driving force in the sport of judo today.  By the mid seventies NYAC members were annually competing for the title of National Champion in a number of weight divisions winning many titles. During the 80’s NYAC athletes were also competing on the international stage and from 1988 forward NYAC  judo athletes have been part of every Olympic squad for the USA.  In 1992 Jason Morris won the first Olympic medal in judo for the NYAC, followed by Jimmy Pedro in 1996.  In fact from 1988 to 2012 the USA has won 6 medals in judo – 5 of those are by NYAC members including the only gold in the sport won an American - Kayla Harrison in 2012.  Over 8 Olympiads the NYAC has produced 28 competitors and has had the largest representation as compared to any other Club or organization over that period of time as well as being far and away the most successful.  The NYAC wins multiple National and International titles every year and is clearly the most successful judo program in the country.

Judo at the NYAC

In addition to the country’s most elite competitive program the program is comprised of:

- Weekly workouts for Club members from beginners to advanced students

- Sponsor/ Host of the New York Open Judo Championships, an international judo tournament that has been held at the Club for over 25 years attracting some of the best competitors in the world who come to the Club to compete.

Voted the #1 Athletic Club in the United States and the #1 Private Club in New York State
Distinguished Emerald Club of the World, 2013
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