Junior Programs at the NYAC

Junior Programs at the City House

Junior Fencing
Junior Fencing offers members' children ages eight to 14 the opportunity to enjoy an advanced program from 12:30pm to 2pm on Saturday afternoons. The program focuses on fencing skills including footwork, strength and conditioning, bouting and individual lessons.

Junior Squash
Junior Squash lessons are provided for members' children ages eight to 15 to learn the game of squash in a disciplined, professional environment. Our squash pros give lessons on Mondays through Fridays from 3pm to 5pm. Children must wear protective eyewear at all times and they must be accompanied by a parent while they are in the squash lounge.

Saturday Morning Program
The SMP has been in existence for 117 years, operates from mid-October through mid-March and is open to members' children ages seven to 16. The Program provides basic through advanced instruction under the tutelage of our Olympic and world class coaches. Children enjoy swimming, water polo, martial arts, racquet sports, physical fitness, basketball, wrestling, fencing, boxing and much more. While the SMP may occasionally nurture an Olympian, its primary purpose is to provide instruction and enjoyment while nurturing teamwork, social skills and fellowship amongst participants. The Program also hosts numerous social activities including the family Christmas party, SMP Parents' Club outings and the SMP Closing Awards ceremony.

Junior Programs at Travers Island

Winged Foot Day Camp
The Winged Foot Day Camp at Travers Island has been the cornerstone of the NYAC's summer programs for many years. Open to boys and girls ages five to 14 and , the Day Camp operates from June 24th to August 16th. The eight week program operates on TI's 33 park-like acres and enjoys first-class facilities. Our experienced instructors, along with college aged counselors, provide instruction and supervision in diversified programs including basketball, softball, soccer, track and field, dance, arts and crafts, and swimming. The Camp also offers field trips to sporting events and a series of two-week afternoon electives. Electives are available for three to four hours in the afternoon each day of Camp and may include tennis, golf, soccer and sailing.

Saturday Morning Program at Travers Island
Now in its second year at TI, the SMP will, this year, operate from June 22nd to August 17th. The Travers Island AMP exposes boys and girls to the enjoyment of athletics, teamwork, social skills and the development of fellowship. The Program is designed to provide basic through advanced instruction in various sports under the direction of our world-class coaches and athletes.

Junior Sailing
The Junior Sailing Program celebrates its sixth year of operation this summer. The 2013 program will operate from June 24th to AUgust 16th and will offer members' children, ages eight to 17, the opportunity to learn the skills of sailing. Program instruction is provided as follows: Introduction to Sailing, Intermediate Sailing, and the Racing Team (ages 14 - 17 with evaluation). Our professional, certified instructors use a combination of classroom training and on water instruction to teach participants rigging, sailing and safety drills that can lead to a lifetime of enjoyment of sailing.

Junior Tennis Academy
The Junior Tennis Academy at Travers Island continues to be a popular summer program for members' children, ages five to 16 years old. Our professional teaching staff uses contemporary instructional methods to teach participants the correct techniques, game fundamentals and tennis strategy. Individual and group instruction allow children to develop their game at an appropriate pace. All skill levels are welcome.

Pre-Team Swimming
Pre-Team Swimming is designed for children ages six to eight who are just learning to swim but who have the necessary safety skills to be in the water without the use of floatation aids. NYAC coaches are in the water and on deck instructing the children on proper balance and stroke technique in a fun and enjoyable environment. This four and a half week program starts this year on June 24th and runs through July 24th. Lesson are from 12pm to 1pm.

Swimming and Diving Team
The swim team (for ages seven to 17) and dive team (ages nine to 17) are designed for children who have shown competence in swimming and want to start competing at a higher level. The team is a part of the Westchester County Swim Conference and competes in five dual meets, the NYAC Invitational and both county and conference championships. The season runs from mid-June through the second week in August.

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