Olympic Medalists
No athletic club in the world can boast of an Olympic medal tally comparable to that of the New York Athletic Club. Since the inception of the Olympic Games in 1896, Club competitors have accumulated in excess of 230 Olympic medals, 119 of which have been gold. 




GOLD MEDALS: T.E. Burke, 100m, 400m



GOLD MEDALS: Irving Baxter, Running High Jump, Pole Vault ; Ray Ewry, Standing High Jump, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump ; John Flanagan, Hammer Throw ; Richard Sheldon, 16lb Shot Put ; George W. Orton, 2500m Steeplechase ; Maxwell Long, 400m ; Alvin Kraenzlein, 60m, 110m hurdles, 200m hurdles, Running Long Jump ; Otto Wahle, 1000m Freestyle Swim, Obstacle Race

SILVER MEDALS: Irving Baxter, Standing Triple Jump, Standing Long Jump, Standing High Jump

BRONZE MEDALS: Richard Sheldon, Discus Throw ; Lewis Sheldon, Standing High Jump, Two Steps & Jump ; Fay Moulton, 60m Run


St. Louis

GOLD MEDALS: David Bratton, Water Polo ; Charles Daniels, 200yd Relay, 220yd Freestyle, 440yd Freestyle ; Percy Dickey, Diving - Plunge for Distance ; Ray Ewry, Standing High Jump, Standing Long Jump, Standing Triple Jump ; John Flanagan, Hammer Throw ; Leo "Budd" Goodwin, 200yd Relay, Water Polo ; Louis Handley, 200yd Relay, Water Polo ; David Hesser, Water Polo ; Harry Hillman, 400m, 200m Hurdles, 400m Hurdles ; Marcus Hurley, 440yd Cycling, 880yd Cycling, One Mile Cycling, One-Third Mile Cycling ; Samuel Jones, Running High Jump ; David Munson, Four Mile Team Race ; Arthur Newton, Four Mile Team Race ; Paul Pilgrim, Four Mile Team Race ; Joseph Ruddy, 4X50yd Relay (Swimming), Water Polo ; James Steen, Water Polo ; George Underwood, Four Mile Team Race ; Howard Valentine, Four Mile Team Race ; George Van Cleef, Water Polo

SILVER MEDALS: Edgar Adams, Plunge for Distance ; David Munson, 1 Mile Run ; John DeWitt, Hammer Throw ; George Underwood, 440yd Hurdles ; H. R. Warren, 1 Mile Handicap Swim ; Howard Valentine, 800m Run ; Charles Daniels, 100yds Freestyle ; John Flanagan, 56lb Weight Throw ; Francis Gailey, 220yds Freestyle

BRONZE MEDALS: Leo "Budd" Goodwin, Plunge for Distance ; Louis Handley, 880yd Swim ; Chales Daniels, 50yds Freestyle ; Otto Wahle, 440 yd Swim, 1500m Freestyle ; James Mitchell, Hammer Throw, 56lb Weight Throw ; Arthur Newton, 3000m Steeplechase, Marathon ; E. J. Feuerbach, 16lb Shot Put ; R. S. Stangland, Running Long Jump


(Intercalated Games) - Athens

GOLD MEDALS: Charles Daniels, 100m Freestyle ; Ray Ewry, Standing High Jump, Standing Long Jump ; Paul Pilgrim, 400m, 800m

SILVER MEDALS: Fay Moulton, 100m



GOLD MEDALS: Charles Bacon, 400m Hurdles ; Charles Daniels, 100m Freestyle ; Ray Ewry, Standing High Jump, Standing Long Jump ; John Flanagan, Hammer Throw ; Jay Gould, Jeu de Paume (Court Tennis)

SILVER MEDALS: Harry Hillman, 400m Hurdles ; Matt McGrath, Hammer Throw ; J. A. Rector, 100m

BRONZE MEDALS: John Eisele, 3000m Steeplechase ; Charles Daniels, 4X200m Freestyle Relay ; Leo "Budd" Goodwin, 4X200m Freestyle Relay



GOLD MEDALS: Platt Adams, Standing High Jump ; Harry Babcock, Pole Vault ; Matt McGrath, Hammer Throw ; J. E. Meredith, 800m, 4X400m Relay ; Charles Reidpath, 400m, 4X400m Relay ; A. P. Lane, Rapid Fire Pistol, Free Pistol, Military Revolver Team (50m) ; William Bowman, Fencing ; Charles Billinger, Trap (Clay Pigeon) Shooting Team ; Ralph Spotts, Trap (Clay Pigeon) Shooting Team ; Frank Hall, Trap (Clay Pigeon) Shooting Team ; Pat McDonald, Shot Put

SILVER MEDALS: Platt Adams, Standing Long Jump ; James Wendell, 110m Hurdles ; Pat McDonald, Shot Put (Both Hands) ; Ben Adams, Standing High Jump

BRONZE MEDALS: Ben Adams, Standing Long Jump ; C. C. Childs, Hammer Throw



GOLD MEDALS: Ivan Dresser, 3000m Team Race ; Karl Frederick, Free Pistol ; Eino Leino, Freestyle Wrestling (Middleweight) ; L. C. Murchison, 4X100m Relay ; Patrick McDonald, 56lb Weight Throw ; Richard Landon, High Jump ; Jackson Scholtz, 4X100m Relay ; Fred Plum, Trap (Clay Pigeon) Shooting Team ; Frank Loomis, 400m Hurdles

SILVER MEDALS: Joseph Pearman, 10K Walk ; Nathan Pendleton, Freestyle Wrestling (Super Heavyweight)

BRONZE MEDALS: Arthur Lyon, Fencing (Foil Team) ; Louis Balbach, Springboard Diving ; A. P. Lane, Free Pistol ; Fred Murray, 110m Hurdles



GOLD MEDALS: Allan Helffrich, 4X400m Relay ; Francis Hunter, Tennis (Doubles) ; Frank Hussey, 4X100m Relay ; Vincent Richards, Tennis (Doubles), Tennis (Singles) ; Jackson Scholtz, 200m ; William Silkworth, Trap (Clay Pigeon) Shooting Team ; William Stevenson, 4X400m Relay ; Francis Hunter, Tennis (Doubles)

SILVER MEDALS: Vincent Richards, Tennis (Mixed Doubles) ; LeRoy Brown, High Jump ; Jackson Scholtz, 100m ; Matt McGrath, Hammer Throw ; Eino Leino, Freestyle Wrestling (Welterweight)

BRONZE MEDALS: Herbert Vollmer, Water Polo



GOLD MEDALS: Raymond Barbuti, 400m, 4X400m Relay ; James Quinn, 4X100m Relay ; Osvald Kapp, Freestyle Wrestling (Lightweight) ; Edward Hamm, Long Jump ; Alberto Zorilla, 400m Freestyle ; George Kovac, 100m Backstroke, 4X200m Freestyle Relay

SILVER MEDALS: Ben Hedges, High Jump

BRONZE MEDALS: J. Collier, 100m Hurdles


Los Angeles

GOLD MEDALS: John Anderson, Discus Throw ; Leo Sexton, Shot Put

SILVER MEDALS: Percy Beard, 110m Hurdles

BRONZE MEDALS: Peter Zaremba, Hammer Throw ; Joseph McCluskey, 3000m Steeplechase; Dernell Every, Fencing (Foil Team) ; Frank Righeimer, Fencing (Foil Team), Fencing (Epee Team) ; Curtis Shears, Fencing (Epee Team) ; Richard Mayo, Modern Pentathlon



SILVER MEDALS: Eddie O'Brien, 4X400m Relay

BRONZE MEDALS: Daniel Barrow, Rowing (Single Scull)



GOLD MEDALS: Ray Lumpp, Basketball

BRONZE MEDALS: James Fuchs, Shot Put ; Leland Merrill, Freestyle Wrestling (Welterweight) ; James Flynn, Fencing (Sabre Team)



GOLD MEDALS: Horace Ashenfelter, 3000m Steeplechase ; Charles Moore, 400m Hurdles ; Lindy Remigino, 100m, 4X100m Relay

SILVER MEDALS: Charles Moore, 4X400m Relay

BRONZE MEDALS: James Fuchs, Shot Put ; Robert Clotworthy, Springboard Diving



GOLD MEDALS: Robert Clotworthy, Springboard Diving ; Thomas Courtney, 800m, 4X400m Relay ; Al Oerter, Discus Throw



GOLD MEDALS: Doug Blubaugh, Freestyle Wrestling (Welterweight) ; Al Oerter, Discus Throw



GOLD MEDALS: Al Oerter, Discus Throw

SILVER MEDALS: Frank Gorman, Springboard Diving


Mexico City

GOLD MEDALS: Al Oerter, Discus Throw

BRONZE MEDALS: Tom Farrell, 800m



SILVER MEDALS: Jay Silvester, Discus Throw



BRONZE MEDALS: Peter Korman, Gymnastics (Floor Exercises) ; Stan Dziedzic, Freestyle Wrestling (Welterweight)


Los Angeles

GOLD MEDALS: Tim Daggett, Gymnastics (Team) ; Bobby Weaver, Freestyle Wrestling (Light Flyweight) ; Bruce Baumgartner, Freestyle Wrestling (Super Heavyweight)

SILVER MEDALS: Mike Tully, Pole Vault ; Gary Figueroa, Water Polo

BRONZE MEDALS: Tim Daggett, Gymnastics (Pommel Horse) ; Kevin Still, Rowing (Pair-Oared Shell with Coxswain)



SILVER MEDALS: Bruce Baumgartner, Freestyle Wrestling (Super Heavyweight)



GOLD MEDALS: Bruce Baumgartner, Freestyle Wrestling (Super Heavyweight)

SILVER MEDALS: Jason Morris, Judo

BRONZE MEDALS: Joseph Greene, Long Jump



SILVER MEDALS: Lance Deal, Hammer Throw

BRONZE MEDALS: Bruce Baumgartner, Freestyle Wrestling (Super Heavyweight) ; Jimmy Pedro, Judo






GOLD MEDALS: Peter Cipollone, Christian Ahrens, Jason Read, Wyatt Allen, Bryan Volpenhein Rowing (Men's Eight) ;

SILVER MEDALS: Blaine Wilson, Gymnastics

BRONZE MEDALS: Jimmy Pedro, Judo ; Heather Moody, Nicolle Payne, Robin Beauregard, Natalie Golda, Water Polo



GOLD MEDALS: Anna Mickelson Cummins, Rowing (Women's eight)

SILVER MEDALS: Lauren Wenger, Moriah Van Norman, Natalie Golda, Heather Petri, Merrill Moses, Jesse Smith, Layne Beubien, Tony Azevedo, Adam Wright, Rick Merlo, Water Polo

BRONZE MEDALS: Ronda Rousey, Judo ; Bryan Volpenhein, Marcus McElheney, Beau Hoopman, Wyatt Allen, Rowing (Men's eight)




GOLD MEDALS: Kayla Harrison, Judo; Caroline Lind, Caryn Davies, Taylor Ritzel, Rowing (Women's eight); Tyler McGill, 4x100m medley relay; Betsey Armstrong, Courtney Mathewson, Heather Petri, Kelly Rulon, Jessica Steffens, Lauren Wenger, Water Polo

BRONZE MEDALS: Reese Hoffa, Shot Put; Courtney Hurley, Kelley Hurley, Maya Lawrence, Fencing; Megan Kalmoe, Rowing (Quadruple sculls)

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