Club History
The New York Athletic Club was founded in 1868 by Henry Buermeyer, John Babcock and William Curtis. All were accomplished athletes with a singular commitment to the growth and development of amateur sport in the United States. Furthermore, they possessed the foresight to realize that the time was right to introduce some organization - and uniformity of measurement - into sporting endeavors across the country, if not around the world. So, on September 8th of that year, Buermeyer, Curtis and Babcock, with 11 other similarly inclined sportsmen, gathered in a Manhattan tavern known as the Knickerbocker Cottage for the first meeting of what would become the NYAC. Though all were men of vision, none could have foreseen the impact their club would have on the world of amateur and Olympic sport.

It is impossible to detail the entire accomplishments - both sporting and commercial - of the New York Athletic Club and its members. Suffice it to say that the Club holds a unique place in the sporting pantheon, a position it bolsters with each passing year.

Forty NYAC athletes competed at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. These athletes continued a tradition that began over 140 years ago, a tradition illustrating all that can be accomplished by individuals of ability, vision and commitment, individuals who comprise the cornerstone of the New York Athletic Club. 

NYAC members have won 119 Olympic gold medals, 53 silver medals and 59 bronze medals.
NYAC members have included some of the most celebrated names from the sporting world and beyond, George M. Cohan, Robert Ripley, Al Oerter Bruce Baumgartner, Tim Daggett and Wolf Wigo among them. 
The sport of competitive fencing was introduced to the United States by members of the NYAC. 
The first squash courts in the USA were built at the NYAC and opened in 1903.
The NYAC staged the first indoor track meet in the USA and the first ever USA outdoor track and field championships in the United States.  
The NYAC built the USA's first running track constructed of cinders, at the time an innovative, super-fast surface.
The NYAC introduced the first "velocipede" or bicycle race to America in 1868.       
Voted the #1 Athletic Club in the United States and the #1 Private Club in New York State
Distinguished Emerald Club of the World, 2013
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